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{ Daily Archives } Thursday, August 2003

Real Life the Game Review

Gamespot reviews Real Life as a Game.

Amusing Links for Today

There are some really amusing links at /usr/bin/girl today. Glossary of Military Hand Signals Bad Kanji The military hand signals is amusing. The second link is hilarious. For years I think ENglish speakers have made a point of pointing out really bad uses of English by Japanese. If you look at some of the Chinese […]

Debian Linux users are quite spread out

Found this pie chart at NetCraft: It was really educational for me to see the distribution of known sites running Debian Linux. In the U.S. it’s really tiny compared to everywhere else. I can only attribute that to RedHat and it’s strong ties with the commercial sector. While Redhat isn’t that bad I prefer Debian […]

Nature makes better Fiber

Yet another story where nature proves is more creative than man in coming up with innovative solutions to life’s problems. This one has some really interesting implications for the Fiber Optics industry. Courtesy of “Slashdot”