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{ Daily Archives } Tuesday, August 2003

CSS Abuse

CSS is very cool. I’ve learned a lot this summer about it. However this link takes the cake. Randomly generated CSS styles. That is evil. That sounds….. fun actually… hmmm.

“Not our Problem”

Wonderful. This link gives an explanation of why Disney doesn’t consider the overred tinting on the Japanese produced DVDs a problem. For folks who have no idea what I’m talking about. Check the archives at for more information on this. It should be under the March 2003 news. For those too lazy to do […]

Kubrick Reloaded

Got this one from Yukihime. The Kubrick reloaded. Just what I need for my lego collection.

Boston Common Blog

Just stumbled across this blog in the town I currently call home. THe pics are really neat. This one had me chuckling for quite a while (Also a good reason why the natives don’t visit Quincy Market that much):