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{ Daily Archives } Saturday, August 2003

Mainichi Goofiness

Seems that “Mainichi” which is a Japanese paper has some stories that are definitely a little different. This one shows one female politician mom getting into a real political brawl. This other story has an amusing story on a former porno star watching her past get re-issued against her will. Have no idea about the […]

iPix 360 Cam

VRlog has a link to a Popular Mechanics online article on a new immersive video camera. Looks very neat. Also looks far out of my price range…. ah well.

Legally you’re okay but you’re not really okay

I just read GNU’s statement on the Apple Public Source License. The summary of the write up goes like this: Legally it complies, but we still think it sucks. Ummm yeah… clear as mud. So much for making things simple to understand. Personally, I love Open Source software however arm twisting organizations or people into […]

Two coins to Tech Support

“Slashdot” has some coverage on two sides of Tech Support. One of them sounds very business-y and about the general dynamics of the whole tech support industry. You can find that here. There is also a rebuttal from a former tech support person here.. Both articles make for an interesting contrast with one another. However, […]