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{ Daily Archives } Friday, August 2003

New Paul Graham article up

Wahoo! A new Paul Graham article is up on-line. Paul Graham is a local in town LISP hacker. His articles he writes are a great read on ideas about hackers and software development. One of these days I’ll get better at LISP. His latest hacking attempts have been focusing on fighting spam as well as […]

What a way to protest Starbucks

Another “JWZ” link. Seems people are posting up fake closing signs on Starbucks. The San Fran Gate has more info.

Premature Obituaries

Jeremy Zawodny proclaims PageRank is dead. For those that don’t know. PageRank is the base algorithm that google bases its rankings on. In an algorithms class that I took we covered the original algorithm of PageRank which I thought was really cool. The idea is very neat but does use some heavy lineaer algebra and […]