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Giving up on IT already? Say it ain’t so

The Cincom Smalltalk Blog by James Robertson points to rants by Tim Bray and Robert Scoble about how they don’t see a future working in IT and feel they might want to push their children to do something else like study Chinese (I think a better reason to encourage your children to study Chinese is because of interest in the culture, not just business).

James debunks their fears on IT. In general, I agree with James about the IT field. First of all, it’s still huge and rightly so. Congrats all to all of you techies the world now runs on computers guess who’s going to be needed to maintain and add more to that infrastructure in the future. It ain’t going to be plumbers. The IT industry at the moment is definitely in a slump but I think it’s also a weeding out process if you look at it from the big picture. The people that are really into it for just money will leave which leaves behind the ones that still like doing IT even if the payoff isn’t that great nor the perks.

The main problem for us folks looking is the waiting part.

On a side note. I talk about Tim and Robert and James as if I sorta know these folk but in reality I never met them. It’s interesting to think that but I guess it’s taken for granted in the weblogsphere.

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