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Wow yet another learning disorder

The New York Times has an article on a disorder that seems tied with a subset of underachievers:

"You can be truly smart and still struggle in life if you lack the
ability to plan, organize time and space, initiate projects and see
them through to completion, and you cannot resist immediate temptations
in favor of later better rewards."

It's an interesting read but I can envision more children being
diagnosed with this order and parents demanding that the school
systems pick up the tab for teaching their children how to cope.
Ouch. I'm sure there'll be some parents who will help their
children in coping with this. However, there will probably be
many more that don't.

Or maybe these people that are being diagnosed as such just need
to learn how to concentrate even if it takes more effort for them
than others. It's a proven fact some people need more effort
to do certain things than others. Why not concentration?
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