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Linux and the MSI-7265 Motherboard

In an
earlier post

I wrote about the pains of Core 2 Duo motherboards and Linux support. Since September, there has been quite a bit of progress in the Linux community to support the JMicron SATA/PATA controller that is on the Intel P965 based motherboards. However, I’ve found that things are STILL not all rosy with my
MSI-7265 (aka the P965 Neo F model) motherboard. After looking around I found an interesting review on the MSI-7265 motherboard:
The Register Hardware writes:

The P965 Neo is a simple, no fuss but no frills motherboard with a decent layout

What this means is that the MSI-7265 does not offer very good access to many of the devices via the BIOS versus some other P965-based motherboards do such as the Asus P5B. After a bit of wrangling of my Gentoo installation I was able to get Linux installed, upgrade the kernel to 2.6.19-*mumble some Gentoo patch*, and boot properly.

What’s working

  • The SATA AND the PATA controller on the jmicron chipset. (Allows using a DVD drive and the hard drive)
  • Onboard Audio
  • The onboard Realtek 8110SC-based ethernet port (requires getting a driver from the Realtek website)
  • The USB ports

What’s NOT working

  • Any of the Serial ATA ports off the ICH8 controller
  • Suspend (It sleeps but never comes back up)


The Reg Hardware Review on the MSI 7265 Motherboard
Ubuntu Thread on MSI P965 Neo Install
An older Ubuntu thread on the MSI P965 Compatibility
Linux SATA Driver Status Page (Really useful!)
A Japanese post on trying to get the MSI P965 working (They failed)

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