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Getting cvsync running on cygwin

I’m trying to get cvsync running on cygwin

and after looking at the homepage. There didn’t seem to be that many

straightforward instructions nor is there a package in the default

cygwin repository. Bummer.

So I took a shot and tried downloading the tarball and compiling it.

$ wget

$ tar xvzf

$ cd cvsync-0.24.19

$ make

It blew up on a variable called HASH_TYPE in the makefile. Seems that

cygwin doesn’t have a native hash library to use. Luckily it spit out

that it could use some hash types if fed one on a the command line. After

looking at the choices I decided to use the OpenSSL one. But make sure

to install openssl-devel from cygwin. Or else it won’t compile. After that

the compilation will go fine.

# Make sure the man directory exists or else the install barfs

$ mkdir -p /usr/local/man/man1

$ HASH_TYPE=openssl make install

make[1]: Entering directory `/cygdrive/c/someuser/docs/src/cvsync-0.24.19/cvscan'

*** Build parameters:

  CC_TYPE= default



  PREFIX= /usr/local




  HASH_TYPE= openssl

  HASH_PREFIX= /usr/local

  PTHREAD_TYPE= native

  PTHREAD_PREFIX= /usr/local




  *Lots deleted*


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