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Google Groups Beta doesn’t support page up/down or keyboard shortcuts?

I’ve been testing the new Google

Groups Beta and design-wise it looks a little bit cleaner however one

SERIOUS flaw is that I can’t seem to get paging to work at all. Pressing

Page Up or Page Down results in no response.

Okay, rtfm… Piles

and piles of pages of useless docs on how to create and add content. But

how about people who need to BROWSE content? No documentation whatsoever

if Google Groups Beta uses some sort of special hotkeys for navigation. And

no, I’m not going to experiment/read the JS source/use intuition to guess

what they are. This is something I consider BASIC for any type of news

reader tool.

And yes, I’ve already sent the folks at Google an email about it. However,

frankly I’m a bit disappointed at the Google Overlords for missing such a

brain-dead simple feature (or the failure to document it). How many

advanced algorithms and UI pains did you guys go through just to forget

the lowly Page Down key?

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