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Fixing SVK ‘Oh no, no more exceptions! add_directory() failed’

The Problem

$ svk mirror //mirror/project

Committed revision 1.

$ svk sync //mirror/project


Retrieving log information from 1 to 34

Oh no, no more exceptions! add_directory() failed. at /usr/local/share/perl5/SVN/Mirror/ line 1044.

If you’re getting the above problem happening when trying to run SVK to

mirror a repository. Congratulations! You hit a bug. After searching

around on Google the closest thing I found to explaining the problem is



The cause

I’m not sure what the reason but in general the problem seems

to be isolated to the SVN::Mirror perl module. Perhaps if you upgrade

SVK and all its dependencies via your package manager of choice and SVN::Mirror

is updated to the right version I think you can get away from the problem.

A Fix

Upgrade SVN::Mirror (somehow). Since I installed SVK by hand it was possible

to upgrade using cpan. Here’s what I did:

$ /usr/local/bin/cpan

cpan> install SVN::Mirror

Running install for module SVN::Mirror

Running make for C/CL/CLKAO/SVN-Mirror-0.71.tar.gz

After that, I was able to use svk sync as expected.

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