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Crouching Flamefest, Hidden Meaning

Hanzi Smatter takes a look at
a tattoo that comes off
meaning Fruit Information Person (果報者) in Chinese it seems.
However, in Japanese the meaning is ‘lucky fellow’. The ensuing discussion
erupts into how the Chinese are monopolizing their usage of 漢字.

However, some very useful information on the evolution of the meaning
of 果報 came about:

If it’s not too late to add an additional interpretation: The first thing that
comes to mind seeing 果报 would be retribution, especially in a Buddhist sense:
果报者,所得功德也 (Retribution is the merits you attain). It’s littered
throughout the sutras, and not just in a positive sense: there’s 杀生果报,
retribution for taking a life.

However in perspective, I think the hypersensitivity issue over the matter
was unnecessary. But it was good that some people who did have a deeper
understanding of the usage of 果報者 came forward and corrected things
however I think the sad thing is how much biting and snarling came around
from something that was supposed to bring a little humor to things.

Lucky Fellow vs Fruit Information Person
An ensuing discussion/flamewar
A picture of the tattoo that started it all

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