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{ Daily Archives } Tuesday, November 2006

The story of one guy’s life

via James Duncan Davidson’s blog

Sony Walkman creator retires

And what does he have to say? (Well at least through the reporter filter) Kihara has written in his books that it still boiled his blood to think that consumers have been forced to use the “inferior” VHS over Sony’s Betamax. Sony has had a history of good engineering quality. However, lately they’ve gotten soft […]

Solar power getting cheaper?

Anything that means solar technology is getting cheaper is a good thing in my book although the link is to a Technology Review article. So far Technology Review keeps talking about great technologies that I rarely see in my daily existence. But they do make great press. But I can always be hopeful. The Technology […]

The OLPC has won an award already but no one is actually USING one

This really gets to me. The OLPC has won a Popular Science award yet it isn’t even out yet. I’m sorry ‘in manufacturing’ does NOT mean it’s in the hands of children who need it most. Until I see THAT I watch by the sidelines skeptical.

PS3 Launch a mess in Japan?

Here’s something you probably won’t read in the local Japanese newspapers: This is the true face of the PlayStation 3 debut in Japan. Hardcore gamers are not here waiting in line overnight, buying a first-run PS3, and running home to play some good old next-gen gaming. Rather, opportunistic Japanese businessmen have the largest presence, hiring […]