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{ Daily Archives } Friday, November 2006

Reviews on Practical Ocaml

Apress released a book titled Practical Ocaml and while I was excited about the book and read the interview with the author. However, after looking briefly through the comments on Lambda the Ultimate I might have to reconsider purchasing this book. Ehud comments: I haven’t seen the book yet, but it’s really sad if the […]

Photosynth, a new way of seeing relations in your photo collection

I just took a glance at photosynch and am really impressed with the applications of computer vision and image processing techniques to create a really unique application. The basic idea is to take a pile of photos that are related to each other somehow (imagine taking zillions of pictures of the Taj Mahal from tons […]

Jruby doesn’t support fork()

I noticed Charles Nutter (one of the JRuby developers) mentioning that the fork() method in JRuby will most not likely be supported: We would strongly prefer to avoid any implementation that requires fork, since we can’t really support fork in JRuby. While I can understand the difficulties in the Java VM giving lots of hell […]