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{ Daily Archives } Wednesday, February 2004

Typo3, gee yet another damn OSS PHP CMS

Oh wow, I managed to cram 3 acronyms in my title. That’s sick. Anyways I was glancing at Yet-Another-CMS-Written-in-PHP. The website is very glossy and slick. Going on for pages and pages. However, here’s one thing about Open Source stuff. I spend a good chunk of time looking at OSS (and sometimes commercial) solutions. The […]

Wired interviews Viet Dinh (He helped draft the Patriot Act)

Wired interviews Viet Dinh who helped draft the Patriot Act. I found the interview a major waste of words since it’s very obvious that the interviewer herself is strongly in the liberal camp as the way she asks questions it’s basically an accusation of the Patriot Act. These sharp questions bring on a rather gruff […]

On my current online reading list

Right now looking over Version Control with Subversion. I’ve started using CVS for some of my file management lately however I’ve found it’s not always what I want. The main issue for me is versioning of directories. I find it annoying to have to issue 4-5 commands in CVS to tell it the directory has […]

Freedom to Tinker asks what are Great Books in Technology?

Professor Felton describes a survey of university presidents of the top 10 books that they would make students read. Interesting set of titles however then Dr. Felton asks his fellow readers: Readers: tell me in the comments which five science and technology books you would have every student read. I’ll summarize and give my own […]