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{ Daily Archives } Tuesday, December 2003

Let Saddam Pay for Rebuilding of Iraq

Here’s some thoughts I have on Saddam’s capture: “Saddam is very high on the totem pole for the network of knowledge to fight terrorism. My cynical side tells me a couple of things might happen.” Read More

BBC on India’s Computer Waste

This article I got from ArsTechnica. India seems to be having a growing problem of computer waste from their IT boom. Obligatory comments: Thirty million computers are thrown out every year in the US alone, and many are dumped in India and China. … In Europe, manufacturers will have to eliminate such harmful substances inside […]

Giving Free Software CDs to Libraries

Now this is a really good idea. How about giving libraries CDs full of free software for them to loan out? This article goes into more and also some of the difficulties involved. Obligatory excerpt: The first reaction from the open source community is usually “Great, I’ll burn a whole set of CDs and donate […]