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{ Daily Archives } Friday, December 2003

Recreating the Disney Haunted Mansion

Someone recreates the Disney Haunted Mansion in their own home. THat’s very cool Link to Story I haven’t mentioned it but kudos to BoingBoing for the past couple of posts

CSS Fisheye

This is quite neat: CSS Fisheye Ink

ahahahahahahahaha only in California and on the Internet

Must…. stop….. laughing…. who am I kidding.. bwahahahahahahahahaha that’s so lame! Anyways Marey… you’re chance for being Governor “Has Been Terminated”

Sheesh… talk about picky kids

A friend forwarded me this link: All I can say is… grow up.

NYT on Digital Camera Holdouts

The New York Times has an article on digital holdouts to the digital camera ‘revolution’ Personally, I have no qualms with people not wanting to go digital for their photos. It’s merely a matter of perspective in the set of systems you use for taking photos. I use my computer a lot. A digital camera […]