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{ Daily Archives } Thursday, December 2003

Viewing Microsoft Compiled HTML Files (CHM) in OS X

Ted Leung describes how he built xchm which is a X11 app that lets you view Microsoft Compiled Help Files (CHM). THis is really handy although needing X11 is a semi bummer but a liveable one Obligatory Excerpt: I got xchm to build on Mac OS X. This is an open source view for compiled […]

The Irony behind Decent Blogging Tools

So far from what I’ve seen most of the free blogging tools are pretty weak. Most of them are built and designed to be exploited by the creator only. The creator then decided to make it free software since the thought is ‘hey it works for me, it might work for lots of other people’. […]

Rhino JavaScripting on OS X

From Ranchero’s Weblog I saw this Weblog Entry on getting the Rhino JavaScript engine setup in OS X. This is pretty neat especially for people who are heavy into ECMA/JavaScript hacking as it allows them to leverage all of their sensibilities of JavaScript for doing scripting tasks. The breakdown of tasks you need to do […]