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{ Daily Archives } Wednesday, December 2003

Some elves are getting no Christmas Love

Merry Christmas to all out there from Japan. It’ll be another few more hours before the western parts of the planet get to celebrate Christmas though. On some definitey Scroogey news…. Santapark in Lapland says it’s been forced to shed full-time elf staff to save money. Link to Story

Perl port to JVM?

I’m sure this would make piles of Perl Hackers happy.  A port of the perl language to the Java JVM.   The project is stopped due to the original author wrote a proof of concept and has moved on to other things but it seems this would be amusing. Here’s the link

Happy IT Holidays?

You have to see it for yourself…  Click Here

The Internet world of The Simpsons

Checked out some info on The Simpsons .   The amount of fan information on the Simpsons staggers me.   For starters check out this site:?@?@Simpsons FAQ For note the Simpsons is on its 15th Season already. That’s a really long running TV series. One neat thing about animation is that the passage of time for the […]