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{ Daily Archives } Wednesday, December 2003

What is the Meatrix?

This is great!

Cold Brewed Coffee

Got this Article from a friend of mine on cold brewed coffee. It was an interesting read so I’m posting the link up for everyone else to look at. One thing that’s interesting about cold brewing coffee (a long process by the way. We’re talking about half a day or longer) is that supposedly it […]

MIT uses offshore programmers for OCW

Philip Greenspun strikes again. He’s got another post on some of the workings behind MIT’s Open Courseware Initiative. Here’s an excerpt: Students began to wake up. A PowerPoint slide contained the magic word “Delhi”.� It turns out that most of the content editing and all of the programming work for OpenCourseWare was done in India, […]

Some OS X Panther CLI Goodies

Seems Panther keeps surprising me (or I just don’t check the CLI commands enough) but it seems that the Net SNMP Libraries are included with Panther along with Netcat. These are powerful network utilities I use a lot in UNIX land. I’m glad they’ve been included in Panther (perhaps earlier? Anyone know?). As with all […]