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{ Daily Archives } Saturday, December 2003

Lessig versus European WiFi

Larry Lessig takes a trip to Switzerland for some conference and finds the fun in trying to get a WiFi connection. Here’s an excerpt: Nothing new. Nor is there anything good and new to report about the Internet in Europe. The Europeans have traditionally been committed to deploying the internet in the least convenient and […]

Best Buy and Circuit City Offshore their phone support

I dug up this personal anecdote by Chad Dickerson on his tale to buy a television and how scheduling delivery of his television ended up being a phone nightmare. I’d give the obligatory excerpt but Infoworld has a policy that requires permissions before even quoting However, needless to say that in delivering the TV he […]

Why do phone and cable companies make it so hard to…

Why is that everyime I try looking on a phone or cable companies website for information for their brick & mortar stores I can’t find anything? It requires seaching and searching. Instead they’ve jumped on this notion of “Use the Online Services!!!” That’s great when things are workign as they planned. But how abuot when […]