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Plone for Version Control?

I’ve heard of Using CVS for versioning your homedir however in the comments I noticed there was mention of using Plone as your data store. That’s rather interesting. Plone is a Content Management System built on top of Zope. From what I’ve seen it’s very impressive for open source software. I’ve done some Zope work before and have been happy with what it does. One of the great things about using Zope is you get versioning control of all your files as you work with them as it keeps an internal database. But I never put together using Plone/Zope as a way to store all of your home files in one spot. Sounds interesting although not sure I’m ready to try it just yet:

Here is the full comment:

It’s been a while since I read an equally silly article. If you need versioning for your files, use Plone.

It has that and a host of other features, it allows you to have all your files available through a web browser and it makes back ups much easier. Why? Plone keeps versioning of your files, but because it is a database system system on top of the Zope appliatication server, when it comes to doing a backup, you only have to worry about a single file to backup: the plone database that contains all your other writing and files.

I love when people overengineer their solutions such as you just did. It is so funny that I can hardly type this.

It takes 20 seconds to install it. Python is included with most distributions. After that, just intall your plone rpm and start the process.

It is much more powerful, and much easier to user. Of course, you would never now because you would rather call me a troll.

And because it is all accessible through a web browser, you can leave a computer running at home and have access to all the files. Not to mention that you can annotate your files, provide meta key works for them…

Even if you just want to synchronize, then run plone on two separate computers and rsync one single file, the Data.fs store.

Link to CVS as homedir article with Coments

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