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RubyKaigi 2008 Day 1 Part 2 Notes

Here’s a continuation of my scribbled notes from the RubyKaigi. This one from the JRuby implementors. Some of my own thoughts and comments are inserted in parentheses. Charles Nutter on JRuby Quick intro and the impressive live demos of JRuby in action (or as the IRC channel said Nice Live Coding (NLC)) This summer, work […]

RubyKaigi 2008 Day 1 Part 1 Notes

Ruby Kaigi 2008 is happening. I’m sure there other posts on the Ruby Kaigi happening however here are some of my own hasty scribbles for anyone that cares… Introduction Speech This is the 3rd year of the conference One theme of this year is multiple implementatios More people coming into the Ruby community and we […]

On the future (or lack) of Nitro Web framework

Before there was Rails, there existed other Web Frameworks for Ruby. One of the promising ones is Nitro however it fell into realm of ignorance. On some random surfing I ran across this blog post from one of the main authors of the Nitro Web Framework. It’s an interesting read since the author laments how […]

mod_rails aka passenger == nice && easy

I looked over mod_rails today and realized how nice and easy looking it was to install. The general install process is: 1. Install rubygems 2. Run gem install passenger 3. passenger-install-apache2-module 4. Follow the instructions and install any missing dependencies (it actually is smart enough to detect which ones you need before splatting itself into […]

The Rails Horde at RailsConf 2008

Egads… so… many… Rails… zombies

Yapc Asia 2008 Day 1 Notes

Okay first day at YAPC… Missed most of the opening speeches and Larry Wall’s Keynote.. d’oh. Then again trying to handle the incoming rush of attendees was quite the experience. I’d say jumbled is a good word for how we handled it but at least it got handled. It’s pretty hard handling the Japanese Incoming […]

YAPC Asia 2008 RejectConf Notes

I’m at YAPC Asia this year working as a volunteer. It’s interesting mingling with the Perl folk especially since I’m not a Perl person but am curious to know more about the Perl community. Anyways here are my scribbling notes that I’ve taken SoozyConf This is the nickname for Perl’s RejectConf Should bother to look […]

Programming languages for your WinCE device

I got this WinCE device that I’ve been trying to wrangle into a nice cozy environment to do useful things so the first thing I started looking at was the availability of development tools that I can use directly on the device. In general, I prefer Ruby however I’m not wedded to it since I’d […]

A Deploying Scala story, “It’s just another Java library”

From Artima’s Developer Buzz feed I picked up this story on someone managing to sell to management the use of Scala in a project. There is a little bit talk about performance and ease of deployment which could be good points depending on your environment… We also had an occasion to have 2,000 simultaneous (as […]

Testing as a discipline, finding the right people.. it’s not THAT easy

Been thinking about the role of testing in a software organization. Steve Rowe of M$ has a great blog post on finding the right people for the job. He breaks it down into 3 types of roles that are useful in a test team: Runtime testers Scripters Tester Developer Definitely a good read for understanding […]

Systems monitoring is continuous integration

The League of Professional Sys Admins (I always want to say Extraordinary Gentlemen but who would classify a sys admin as a gentleman?) has an interesting post on comparing systems monitoring to continuous integration The concept of using monitoring as a continuous testing service to validate your changes against the environment in order to reduce […]

A quick survey of APIs for Ruby

I had this task where I wanted to pull information from for some data processing so I decided to take a look at what was available for Ruby. Before, I say what path I took let’s go over the choices I dug up. Ridiculous First up was Ridiculous which labels it as a simple […]

SVN Worst Practices

I’m dying of laughter looking at the slides for this presentation on how to screw up the development lifecycle with subversion. Useful things to throw in: –object code –per-user preference files –generated docs –ISO images –release tarballs Either way a good read on trying to follow a good path when trying to apply version control […]

Daring Furball, i can haz flamin cheezburger

while lukingz 4 moar informashun on distributd scms (again) i findz post by dave dribin bout y he chose mercurial 4 hims needz. but even moar awsum iz hims darin furball. far 2 awsum. let teh semantic web has cheezburgers, man. Daring Furball Lolspeak translator

Being stupid on numrows() versus getting the actual result in LuaSQL

I’m dumb. I had a bug in a checker script that I wrote and only noticed it recently when I bothered to RTFM. Can you spot the error? Probably most programmers will. Non-working version require “luasql.mysql” env = luasql.mysql() mysqlconn = env:connect(“somedb”, “someuser”) curs = mysqlconn:execute(” SELECT COUNT(*) FROM some_table WHERE col1 = ”foo”) print(“Number […]