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YAPC Asia 2008 RejectConf Notes

I’m at YAPC Asia this year working as a volunteer. It’s interesting mingling with the Perl folk especially since I’m not a Perl person but am curious to know more about the Perl community.

Anyways here are my scribbling notes that I’ve taken


  • This is the nickname for Perl’s RejectConf
  • Should bother to look up why it’s called that

scaffoldなんてもう古い、HTMLからコードを自動生成するページ駆動開発とは – ひがやすをさん

  • I missed most of this talk
  • Seems to be like Amrita for Ruby but for Java?
  • Not so interesting for me so maybe lucky I did miss out most of this

liftで日本で10本の指にはいる方法(what’s lift) – Yoshiori

  • Talks about the Lift Web Framework (for Scala)
  • Pretty humorous intro to Scala and Lift
  • Goes through a Rails-like demo in getting started
  • Getting started seems to require svn, maven, java 1.5
  • That’s one big ugly maven command you have to run to get bootstrapped… this due to it being in development?
  • It’s mostly just ‘read the code and examples’ if you want learn at this state

トランプ・スキャナβ(playing card scanner beta) – kuboon

  • This one was very cool
  • kuboon was also the MC for SoozyConf
  • Geek Magician or Magician Geek
  • Wifi-enabled scanning device? (Looked like a mouse pad to me…)
  • Either way some really interesting twists on card tricks with that ‘playing card scanner’
  • Fingerprinting identification used in a very amusing way

Nanto素敵な平城京(Nanto, yet another waf) – tokuhirom

  • Write your own web framework in 3 hours
  • Got lost in the details… sorry

HTTP::Engine Yappo

  • This is sort of like Ruby’s Rack framework but for Perl
  • From code examples, the simple seemed simple. (But so is Webrick)
  • Doesn’t have a plugin architecture it seems
  • I got lost seeing these application stacks…

Rubyへの愛憎(Tusndere at Ruby) – gunyaraway

  • I thought this was going to be about Ruby
  • Was a very amusing music video with some jamming pachinko techno to all the things that could drive you nuts about Perl
  • The idea of Perl aggravations to a dance beat sounds very amusing and probably easier in remembering those gotchas

Paul Bakaus (‎pbakaus‎) – ‎The inner works of jQuery‎

  • Was really excited to listen to this
  • My Javascript suckiness caught up to me and I was mostly lost after the first few slides
  • Need to do more JavaScript hacking to see what was interesting about what I saw
  • Showed off helpers, custom events, namespaced events and why these are helpful
  • The helpers are actually things used in jQuery core itself

Faiz Kazi (‎fuzz‎) – ‎The Little Javascripter: Higher-Order Javascript‎

  • Title sounded cool and I wanted to like this but… the content was not as interesting for me
  • Lots of talk about Lisp and Scheme. That’s fine but I knew most of what he was talking about, unfortunately so I spaced out around here
  • Pointed out Douglas Crockford wrote The Little JavaScripter which is a JS version of the Little Schemer
  • Had some examples showing how to insert into different parts of a list in Lisp and the JS equivalents
  • Mentioned Higher Order Perl
    • Most interesting comparison was Common Lisp is to Perl as Scheme is to Javascript
  • Ran out of time at this point and it started getting interesting at this point… d’oh

Futoshi Koresawa (‎SaK‎) – ‎Devel::DFire‎

  • Name confounded me
  • A Dtrace wrapper for Perl… neato
  • Seemed easy to wrap around a web framework and help profile
  • He also mentioned Devel::DTrace and mod_dtrace (grrr competing implementations???)


Just found a link to Ero Geek Conference on the Soozy website. Neato. Also there were a lot more females than I expected at this SoozyConf/RejectConf/Perl Conference. Guess that’s just a sign of Perl being more mainstream than Ruby!

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