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Why does RTFM with GNU manpages just suck

After looking at a seriously useful tip for cleaning out a clogged postfix queue I puzzled over the -r option in xargs. I’m not an xargs master but I figure if I need it I can always RTFM.

Well man xargs on my Ubuntu box provides the typical GNU fair and I spend the next way too long time period looking for where the -r option is. (The full option is –no-run-if-empty).

Sadly, I ended up finding it faster with a Google search on this web page that has some find-fu and xargs then looking again at the GNU manpage and finally find the option buried just before the EXAMPLES section.

I guess I should be happy this time around, there are some GNU manpages that don’t even HAVE documentation (at least compared to the *BSD brethren). Grrrrrr

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