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RubyKaigi 2008 Day 1 Part 1 Notes

Ruby Kaigi 2008 is happening. I’m sure there other posts on the Ruby Kaigi happening however here are some of my own hasty scribbles for anyone that cares…

Introduction Speech

  • This is the 3rd year of the conference
  • One theme of this year is multiple implementatios
  • More people coming into the Ruby community and we need to greet the (Dave Thomas’ speech from last year)
  • Two tracks this year (I mostly followed the main track)

The first set of presentations from the main track were from the Ruby implementors.

Koichi SASADA – Ruby VM Development

  • 1.9.0-2 released as of 6/20/2008 (mainly bug fixes)
  • A little discussion of 1.9.1 Roadmap (Something about 1.9.1 being the more stable release?)
  • A plethora of interpreters available now (lists all of them)
  • Sasada-san felt a little sheepish over Matz mentioning taking only about technology is ‘boring’ since his talk focused on mainly technology
  • University of Tokyo has become a haven for since Sasada-san now has a laboratory (wahoo!) which means…
    • Ruby related research-projects
    • Student Research Projects on Ruby
  • Parallel Thread Execution
    • Better multi-core support
    • Memory resource usage (or was that resource contention?) can be a problem
  • Multiple-VMs
    • Run Multiple VMs in same Ruby process
    • Jruby + Nakada-san are the primary drivers
    • The JRuby guys are ready to implement it (waiting on API) and Rubinius seems to have one already
  • API done
  • bootstrap done
  • Creation of interpreter mostly done (seems to have some small issues?)
  • Still needs documentation (What project doesn’t?)
  • High Performance Computing (HPC) on Ruby
    • Ruby implementations needs FP optimization for HPC
    • Ruby 1.9.x quite fast compared to other implementations (according to the Benchmarks Sasada-san showed)
  • Atomic Ruby (aka Customizeable Ruby)
    • Create an Optimal interpreter for “you”
    • Make it easier for Ruby to be used in embedded environments
    • Make it easier for Ruby customized for specific environments (iPhone anyone?)
    • Make it possible to plug in and out the core pieces
    • Byte code serialization and embedded
    • Make the GC customizeable
  • More work memory optimizations (Sounded like there was the need for more profiling)
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