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Too Dumb to Haskell not happening. Not a good advertisement on high availability

So I decided to take a peak at the up and coming web framework for Haskell called HApps however the web site seems down. Normally, I wouldn’t care too much downtime however they have been down for OVER a day and a half from the time of this post. I find it hard to take […]

The Ruby Programming Language book out on Safari now

I just noticed that The Ruby Programming Language Book by David Flanagan is out on Safari now. This looks like an update to Ruby in a Nutshell which has been a rather disappointing title for me personally. After a glance through the contents of this updated edition it looks like this one could be a […]

git is the next UNIX

Avery Pennaru posted a blog entry on git is the next UNIX where he hypothesizes that: git is a totally new way to operate on data… Git was originally not a version control system; it was designed to be the infrastructure so that someone else could build one on top… Git is a platform… Much […]

Tools support the ideas

Quick thought on IT stuff… I’m a firm believer that the idea is only as important as a working tool that implements it. Ever try using an idea that had no implementation? It’s a lot of fun writing it yourself…

Design Patterns in Ruby Sneak Preview Review

I’ve been slowly reading the Design Patterns in Ruby: Rough Cuts on Safari and have been finding it a pretty good read so far. I have to admit I’ve slept through the original Gang of Four Design Patterns book since it looked so excruciatingly boring and I wasn’t really convinced I needed such patterns for […]

The Lively Kernel… or Morphic in a Web Browser

The main site says this about the Lively Kernel project The main goal of the Lively Kernel is to bring the same kind of simplicity, generality and flexibility to web programming that we have known in desktop programming for thirty years, but without the installation and upgrade hassles than conventional desktop applications have. Basically it […]

Book Review: Practical Ruby for System Administrators

One of the things I do with Ruby is to use it to help handle some of my tasks when I am wearing my sys admin hat. I can’t say I’m a Ruby expert by any means but when it comes to writing code, I always get the shivers looking at Perl which is a […]

Templating languages, templating languages… and yet more of them

In the realm of web development, anytime you start using some software platform to deal with the tedium of writing web pages by hand, it’s quite often it leads to some sort of templating system to handle it. While nice in theory and can promise many things (Seperation of logic from presentation, blah blah blah) […]

Finally a gem release of ruby-opengl

Just wanted to let folks know that I’ve finally figured out how to get the build system in place for ruby-opengl to: Gemify itself Build native extensions during Gem installation using mkrf Which means (I hope) that there should be an easier way to get OpenGL working with Ruby. Currently it should support installing in […]

Messages like Warning: require_gem is obsolete. Use gem instead. driving you nuts?

If you’re seeing tons of those messages like I’ve been and wondering what in the world that is all about. After Googling around I finally found a definitive answer on Jason Young’s Blog what it was all about. What is it Since rubygems 0.9.0 the command require_gem has been deprecated in favor of just plain […]

Migrating instiki from one database type to another

The Rant Instiki is one of the premier wikis for Ruby on Rails which is another way of saying the other rails-based solutions don’t look that great so far from what I’ve seen. Here is an except from the instiki website: 1. Download 2. Run “instiki” with Ruby 1.8.4 or greater. (on windows, that’s instiki.cmd) […]

Rubygems gotcha. Dependencies won’t work if you install with a local gemfile

The Problem Dependencies won’t install when I try to install from a local gem. For example if you have a my-cool-project which needs your-awesome-lib (available via Gems) using a command like: gem install pkg/mycoolproject-1.0.gem It WON’T pull in your-awesome-lib. This is documented in this email post on the Ruby Talk ML Workarounds At present the […]

A discussion on Mercurial’s repository format (Good or Bad?)

Keith Packard of X11 fame wrote a blog post on revision control repository formats. In it he describes why he chose git as the new system that will manage the source code for Xorg and he had some choice comments on Mercurial repository format Mercurial uses a truncated forward delta scheme where file revisions are […]

gem install mysql failing on Ubuntu fix

The problem Did you try something stupid (and expect something hopeful) like: $ sudo gem install mysql Then get something beautiful like: ERROR: While executing gem … (RuntimeError) ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension. Gem files will remain installed in /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/mysql-2.7 for inspection. Welcome to getting bit by the policy of the Debian packaging […]