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Testing as a discipline, finding the right people.. it’s not THAT easy

Been thinking about the role of testing in a software organization. Steve Rowe of M$ has a great blog post on finding the right people for the job. He breaks it down into 3 types of roles that are useful in a test team:

  • Runtime testers
  • Scripters
  • Tester Developer

Definitely a good read for understanding the type of personalities you would want when building a testing team.

It’s Common Sense, Stupid notes the difficulties in bootstrapping a GUI testing framework and what to expect out of it. These are good things to keep in mind when building out a UI test framework and putting realistic expectations on what you will get for the investment of effort.

I would also note that the blog posts on the difficulties of UI testing can be applied to larger scale system testing (ever test a router?) since one could view a GUI application is a little microcosm of a system that cannot be easily taken broken down into its components when trying to do integration testing.

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