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{ Daily Archives } Monday, April 2008

A different way to scale out MySQL? (Gigaspaces + MySQL)

Interesting stuff. Here is a snippet… Scale your application, while leaving your existing database untouched by front-ending the database with In-Memory-Data-Grid (IMDG) or caching technologies. The database acts as a persistence store in the background. I refer to this approach as Persistence as a Service (PaaS). Although I do question how reliable the background persistence […]

OpenMac, yes, me wants one

From their website OpenMac: The Smart Alternative to an Apple The Psystar OpenMac works just like an Apple Macintosh Yes, very desirable. However, we’ll see if Apple lets them continue with it… Hope they don’t get sued out of existence

OS X 10.4.11 update, you suck

After a long time of not updating my trusty old iLamp iMac, I finally updated it to 10.4.11 over the weekend and let it lie. Later on I hear a report that Safari won’t start up. That’s odd, I’ve never heard of Safari having launch problems before. I check the log and I see something […]