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{ Daily Archives } Monday, April 2008

A quick survey of APIs for Ruby

I had this task where I wanted to pull information from for some data processing so I decided to take a look at what was available for Ruby. Before, I say what path I took let’s go over the choices I dug up. Ridiculous First up was Ridiculous which labels it as a simple […]

Choosing good names for machines

I was thinking about the concept of naming machines and in general I try to first think of a theme to help decide on a naming convention. I don’t know where I read about this… perhaps in the DNS & BIND book or some other website (before blogs really took off) however I just rediscovered […]

The Google Data Center FAQ

While not much is known about Google and their Data Center operations this makes a decent attempt at aggregating all of it in one spot… Read more

Data center used to heat swimming pool

I love reading about these smart uses of waste byproducts I bet this might work well in Japan if it wasn’t for those pesky earthquakes. A new data center in Switzerland is being used to heat a nearby swimming pool. In what appears to be a first, the town pool in Uitikon, Switzerland will be […]