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Getting screwed by an upgrade (libtidy in Ubuntu 8.04 not ready for real work)

On my workstation at work I’ve been running Ubuntu 8.04 to test out something I’ll post on later. However, one thing that was driving me nuts was that tidy was blowing up with a very unhelpful message like so: /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/tidy/tidybuf.rb:39: [BUG] Segmentation fault At first I thought it was some incompatibility with the gem installed […]

Soltek Qbic EQ390 and SATA non-goodness. 3.0Gb/s incompatibility

One of the problems with DIY PC builder-types is the joy of finding out the pieces that you try to assemble together have incompatibilities with each other. Sometimes it affects you at the hardware level, the OS level, or the application level. Either way it’s always a time sink isolating the exact problem. One unpleasant […]

The Irony about trying to read an article on how M$ runs their website is…

As of Dec 15, 2007 22:58 JST the blog link is so completely hosed (Thanks Slashdot) that I have to use a Google cached version to read about it. Although in general, it’s merely a listing of stats without too much details although it’s more details than I’ve ever heard. I do give kudos […]

Latest rev of Macbooks and keyboard conking out after sleep

So I’ve been slowly re-initiating myself into the Church of Mac with a new Macbook however not all is well in Mac-land… It seems the Macbook can have an unresponsive keyboard if you sleep it and wake it up (Also here). Needless to say I find this bug extremely irritating and it really hurts the […]

Voice Chat for Second Life Linux client still not working

This past Saturday I tried checking out the Second Life version of the November TLUG Meeting due to some previous obligations barring me from attending in person. So I went through the rigmarole of installing Second Life on my Linux machine at home and getting it configured to work properly with these things called SLurls […]

Where have you been… again??

Hi folks, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this blog. This is my attempt to try to bring back to my life my little corner of the blog universe back alive. So what have I been doing? Well this and that. I’ll leave it at that for now and promptly try to start blogging more […]

Linux and the MSI-7265, the final straw

I’ve written before before on my battles with Linux and Core 2 Duos. After waiting a long time for Feisty to get closer to a release state I loaded up Feisty (after some initial install pains. The alternate install CD recognizes enough to install but the desktop version doesn’t and requires a USB CD-ROM or […]

A sad tale of technology dependence

I love technology misery stories for some reason. I guess working at a job where it is your job to expect things to break in weird ways does that to you… I guess we can reword that as I LOVE corner cases A sad tale of technology dependence I made sure nobody was ever going […]

Optimized for more memory than yesterday’s big iron servers

Here’s something I never want my Operating System to be asking of me users should consider 4GB of RAM if they really want optimum Vista performance

Public Key Infrastracture gone wrong (or why you MUST have Windows to function in S. Korea)

Gen Kanai writes about S. Korea’s dependence on Internet Exploder due to misplanning a Public Key Infrastructure South Korean legislation did not allow 40 bit encryption for online transactions (and Bill Clinton did not allow for the export of 128 bit encryption until December 1999) and the demand for 128 bit encryption was so great […]

gem install mysql failing on Ubuntu fix

The problem Did you try something stupid (and expect something hopeful) like: $ sudo gem install mysql Then get something beautiful like: ERROR: While executing gem … (RuntimeError) ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension. Gem files will remain installed in /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/mysql-2.7 for inspection. Welcome to getting bit by the policy of the Debian packaging […]

Steve Perlstein on Offshoring

Steve Perlstein of the Washington Post throws in his 2 cents on the offshoring fun. The last paragraph is an excellent passage in my own opinion and points to a very valid point from the proponents of offshoring. All of the pro-folk found the benefits of offshoring on a sort of faith. I don’t know […]

Earth to Apple, the mini iPod price sucks

I saw th eMacworld 2004 Keynote and it wasn’t that bad. Some nice improvements to iLife but the most disappointing thing is the iPod. JonBert sums it up quite nicely for me: The iPod mini is more of a question-mark. $249 for 4GB? Sure it’s smaller, and comes in different colors, but as it is […]

What is Best in Life?

“Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the Women” -Conan the Barbarian Just click on the picture for the link to the thread. It’s pretty funny if you ask me.

Windows Standby SUCKS!!!

Okay, that really ticked me off. I got some more work done on my big document and then put the laptop on standby and walk home. When I get home and hit the power button to power back up the laptop from standby mode…. the laptop congratulates me by showing a black screen, a lit […]