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Gawd I hate Manila!

This weblog is powered by Manila or Radio Userland or whatever it7s
called.   It seems that if you try adding a news post lately
you get some fancy little text editor which MANGLES html tags which I
guess is fine if you cannot write out HTML by hand. 
However…  I can and it is really annoying that I cannot seem to
find any way from the Preferences to turn this off?  WTF?  I
need to read the manual to figure out how to turn off this annoying

I am really beginning to hate this software.   I thought this
weblog thing was supposed to make it EASY to add posts in a manner I
like.  So far I:m finding it is more annoying than otherwise.

However, one thing that is nice is that it is powered at Harvard so
there is no need to worry about bandwidth or uptime especially
considering they brought in Dave Winer to help with this whole
weblogging thing.

However, this thing reminds me of J2EE for web development.  
Sure it might be great when you bring the the truckloads of developers
and process but for the individual why the hell do I need all these
stupid layers of abstraction to make sure I cannot find anything??????

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