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Archive for October 25th, 2006

Am I not the cutest…

…little thing you’ve ever seen?


Well, my dad wouldn’tve agreed with that yesterday afternoon when it came time to get me in my carrier to take me to that evil man that sticks needles in my bum bum.  I said “Uh, no!  You may have fooled me once but you are NOT fooling me twice!” 

Okay, okay, I confess.  He won but I put up a darn good fight!  Took him nearly 15 minutes to get me in that sucker and when he turned his back, I chewed and chewed and chewed trying to get out.  I chewed so much that there was actual blood on the gate and little plastic thing that hangs off the door.  Huh!!!  That got his attention.  The guilt took over and he opened up that gate and let me run free! 

I did sort of feel bad because I knew he felt really, really bad seeing that.  So, I went and hid for awhile just to be sure it was safe and then I went and let him pet me so he would know that I still love him anyway!

I think I heard my slaves talking later last night and something was said around the lines of “Mom’s going to give it a try tomorrow”.   Waaaahaaaaahaaaa!  They’re sooo funny.  I am Prince of this house (Frosty’s the King and I’m okay with that), what I say goes – and if I say “no shots” then that’s the final word – no shots!!!

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