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I’m doing my share to stimulate the economy:


That beauty should be in my garage in the next day or so. Sweeeeet!

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Good people

In case you ever find yourself wondering if there are any good people left in this crazy world of ours, I write now to assure you that yes, there are. In fact, there at least two such people right here in my own little world.

When I got to my car Wednesday evening, I found a note “I scraped your left front bumper. Call me.” I called when I got home and not only did this person leave their name and phone number, they actually left a name and phone number that really did belong to them! This man did not have to do this. If he apologized to me once, he apologized to me ten times. Not only for hitting my car but for creating an inconvenience for me in having to deal with the repairs. Thank you, kind gentleman, for being so kind.

Thursday morning, in my rush to get across campus for a 7:30 meeting, I dropped my bracelet. I did not notice this until I was at the meeting location but was fairly certain I likely lost it somewhere in my office area. I called one of the gals here and her first question to me was “Did you lose a bracelet?” Thank you, Sara, for being so thoughtful.

Yes, life is good!

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