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Happy New Year!

I must admit that this past holiday season has been one of the most pleasant, enjoyable, peaceful holiday seasons that I have had in a long time!!!! I’m sure that having a total of 11 days in a row away from the office (and only having to use 3 vacation days to get them!) helped, but…

We spent Christmas at my sister’s house and had a lot of fun playing the Wii with our nieces and nephews. Every one was on their best behavior and I think I can speak for all when I say it turned into a really nice day!

I/we spent the majority of the rest of the time demolishing our kitchen! This project is sooo much more enjoyable than the nightmare that was our new septic system in the spring!!!! Cabinets are ordered, granite color decided (haven’t reserved “our” slabs yet though), appliances selected. All top cabinets removed as well as the dishwasher. Next weekend, the bottom cabinets and island go.

Its been a lot of work, but fun! fun! fun! And best of all?!?!?! Not ONE ache or pain after all this lifting (and I won’t even talk about swinging that hammer while removing tile from the wall). Maybe the time and effort at the gym has done some good after all!

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