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I am exhausted.

That is all.

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Look what popped up in my yard!!!!!

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Tired AND wired

So, with the Nor’easter over the weekend, we not only had the pleasure of a leaky basement, we also had septic problems. Sleep came in spirts – an hour there, two here, blah, blah, blah. So I’m tired. Very tired. But had to come back to work, even though we still can’t use water at the house (its running, it just has nowhere to run to).

So, being tired, I decided to stop for a cup of coffee on my way to the office. ‘Cept I don’t drink coffee so now I’m feeling wired.

Tired and wired. The result??? I’m dizzy. Why did I drink that coffee?

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Happy Everything, to me!

Happy Birthday, to me!

Happy Anniversary, to me!

Happy Christmas, to me!

I’m told this will be my birthday, anniversary and Christmas gift this year, but since I’m willing to share, maybe we can discuss it further:

(Though, truth be told, that towel and basket were the beginning of my attempt to cover it up temporarily – until I can “really” decorate it – to keep the cats off it but y’all can see how that’s going, eh?!?!?!)

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Finding Michaela

Back when Jaycee Guddard was discovered and returned to her family, I had stumbled across the blog, The Wondering Heart, which is maintained by the mother of missing Michaela Joy Garecht, who was kidnapped on November 19, 1988.

From her writing, it is clear that Sharon is an incredible lady, who has strength that I am not sure I would/could have.

Anyway, her latest post, Could this be Michaela?, is just heart wrenching.

Though I know I do not have a lot of followers here, the few that do read know people, who know people, who know people…. so I’m asking you to take a look at what she’s posted and do whatever it is you can to try get the word out to find this “advocate” and the kidnap victim whom she refers to.

I also know that we’re on the “other” coast from where this took place, but one just never knows now, do we??? Please do whatever you can to get this word out!

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Carbon monoxide detectors

Do you have them? Do they have battery back up? If you answered NO to either of these questions, please read on.

As most of you know, we have had terrible weather over the past week and many, many people have been without power. My brother’s family (and his extended family that is living with him temporarily) was one of them.

They lost their power Thursday. Fortunately, they have a generator. They set it up on the side of the house, instead of the back as they have in the past.

On Sunday, their power came back at approximately 8:30. Everyone was in bed because they had not been feeling well and were very tired. Around 10:00, his brother-in-law came and woke him because “something was beeping downstairs”. Turned out there was an ELECTRIC carbon monoxide detector down there and by the time the power came back on and it got a reading, it was at 77. Humans can survive approximately 4 hours with a reading of 80.

So, yes. Had the power not come on, my brother, his wife and son, his brother-in-law, sister-in-law, niece, nephew and mother-in-law would not be with us today. I am horrified by the thought.

So, please. If you do not have carbon monoxide detectors, get them. If you do not have battery back up carbon monoxide detectors, get them. If you do have battery back up carbon monoxide detectors, please check those batteries regularly.

I love my family and friends very much and I need you all to be around for a long, long time, okay?!?!?!

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