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Cause caring is sharing…


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Before and after

So, the never ending project of the living room is finally complete! (‘cept for maybe a few wall hangings, anyway!) So, here are some before and after shots.

The before photos were taken when we were having the home inspection done:


Here’s the after photo from a similar angle:


Another view:


…and after:


Though the curtains required more work than I had anticipated, I am happy with the results:


(note to self: either the curtains or couch need a little adjusting there!)

I posted earlier that I love, love, love the tables and entertainment stand we got:


These have an antique/worn look to them which will likely prove very beneficial in our house – the cats can scratch them and no one will ever know!

I also love, love, love the lamp I got for the end table:


So, there it is. The fruits of our labor. Its been a long time coming but I am very, very pleased with the end result.

Next up? The kitchen. Be back soon!

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Precious Frosty

So, I’m sure you’re saying to yourselves “oh, no, here she goes with more cat pictures!” But, no! This one isn’t cats.

My hubby detests shopping. He even tried “…works too busy, I won’t have time to shop…” this year. I try not to be selfish but it would be a cold day in he!! before I would be all okey-dokey with “sorry, but you’re not having a Christmas this year because I’m too busy at work” and that is, basically, what my ears heard that day. Disclosure: I’ve been told by friends that I took that remark far too seriously and they’re baffled how, after 29 years together, I would for a moment believe that he would really do that to me! LOL!

So, Mr. I-hate-shopping-especially-at-Christmas-time took a day off from work to do my shopping. That evening I got, “So, do you want one of your Christmas gifts???” When I got done laughing hysterically at that, he informed me that it was only “sort of” a gift since its for the house. Well, I certainly did not have to be asked a third time!


Is that not just the most precious little Frosty you’ve ever seen?


This shot cracks me up:


He looks to be about 3 feet tall but if you look closely, he’s actually standing on the table, whereas the plant and other snow man are actually on the floor.

So, you’d better watch out, my little precious, you have yourself some darn cute competition hanging out in our house these days!


(Sorry, I couldn’t resist just one!)

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Do you ever go through your electronic photo album and ask yourself “why did I take that picture?” I usually take pictures because I want to create memories or there’s something I want to share with my web-friends (read: you!)

Well, I just stumbled across these and I have NO idea why I took the pictures:


That would be the “great room” addition off the back of the house. This is more of a side shot where you can also see the deck:


And since we’re viewing my “I have no idea why I took this” pictures, here’s the patio that hubby put together which is under that room:


They’re all great spaces. I actually sat in the great room and had my tea the other day because it was so beautiful with the snow falling. The covered patio allows a place to sit outside in the warm weather, even if it is raining!

Yet, I still have no idea why I took those photos.

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Is it me?

Okay, so, Thanksgiving is over and I am now willing to listen to Christmas songs on my car radio. I’m not sure the two local radio stations that decided to start playing Christmas music 24/7 weeks before Thanksgiving even arrived actually noticed that I zipped right past their stations but I did. And it made me feel better.

On Thanksgiving-eve, I allowed myself to listen to those stations again but, I’m sorry – 24 hours of Christmas music 7 days a week?!?!?! I try my hardest (and the older I get, the harder it gets) not to be a scrooge at Christmas (sorry, but family will do that to you) but are there really people out there that can listen to Christmas music 24/7??? For an entire month??? Can you???

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