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It’s here! It’s here!

Yay!  The new desk arrived on Friday and I just love it!  We
ended up setting it up a little differently than we originally had
planned but I’m very pleased with the way it looks.  Because of
this change, there is a particular style floor lamp that I will now be
on a mission to find!  I want something that will sit in the
corner and “hang” over the desk.  I think I’ve seen these before
but you know how it goes, you always see what you want until you
actually want to buy it!  Wish me luck.

The other thing I want to look into is a printer/copier/fax
machine.  If scanner falls in their, too, that’s okay.  I
need to do my research on this one, though.  I’ve heard a lot
lately about the Epson “all-in-one” and I’m going to check these
out.  I remember hearing somewhere that you’re better off with a
machine that has a separate cartridge for each color, otherwise the
color cartridge runs out really  fast when you’re printing
photos.  Anyone have any experience with this?  If so, any
input will be greatly appreciated!

I’ll post photos, once I get the chance to take some!

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And the wait goes on….

Last week, we finally ordered a desk for our “home office”.  The
room has been ready for some time but we were just unable to find what
we wanted.  We could picture it – we just couldn’t find it!

We ended up ordering it out of a catalog – home desks aren’t something
that furniture stores display a very large selection of – but the
furniture store agreed to bring it in and we can decide when we see it
if we want it or not.   You can see a picture at this link:

I think we’ll like it, though.  There was one on display that was
made by the same company and the quality was good and I really think
I’ll be pleased with the shade of wood. 

It’s only supposed to take a week or so to come in.  I thought we
might have heard from them yesterday but since we didn’t, hopefully,
we’ll hear from them today.  Patience isn’t one of my strong

Assuming we like the desk, I’ll post photos of it set up in the room
once we get it (although the room probably won’t look as well put
together as the above photo).

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I found this funny!

I heard a story on the radio on my way into work yesterday and I really
got a chuckle out of it so I thought I’d share it with my friends!

Apparently, a man had a mouse in his house.  Well, he somehow
managed to catch said mouse and he proceeded to throw this mouse into a
pile of burning leaves in his yard.   Problem was, he was
burning this mouse alive and the end result was that the mouse caught
fire, apparently panicked, scrambled back into this man’s house thus
setting said house on fire and burning it to the ground!

The good news is that no one was injured in the fire (well, I can’t
imagine the mouse survived all this so we’ll say there were no humans

I figure there must be some moral to this story but I can’t quite figure it out.  Any ideas?

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Happy New Year!

Yes, I know I’m a little late.  My holidays were wonderful this
year – peaceful and joyous – just the way they’re meant to be!

However, for some completely unknown reason, I was a complete grump upon returning to work on Tuesday.  I was making myself nervous
because I just couldn’t snap out of it.  No, I don’t believe that
it was having to return to work – much as I didn’t want to, there was
no explanation for this horrific mood I found myself in!

Then, it hit me!  I know how to get out of this mood!  I needed to go ice skating!  I LOVE ICE SKATING!  Ice skating is, to me, one of the best/most relaxing/leave your worries behind activities out there!

I was a tad bit nervous as this was my first time on skates in 2 years
(it’d been like 18 before that!) and the first time since I had the hip
replacement done last January (for those of you that don’t know me, NO,
I’m not THAT old – I had an accident a few years back which resulted in
the need to replace the hip!).  Although I was a bit shaky I did
okay – or, at least, I didn’t fall!  I’m also happy to
report that today, with the exception of one muscle, my legs
(amazingly) feel pretty good!  And  better yet, my BAD mood is gone!  See – it really does work!

And now to make things even better, I am a mere 28 minutes away from
another weekend!  Thankfully, this week passed much quicker than
last!  And can you imagine my surprise when I looked at my
calendar and saw that a week from Monday (1/16) is an institute
holiday????  Yay!  I love academia!

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