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I’m tired and I’m annoyed.

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Wow! Its a relief to see its only been since October since I’ve been here! It sure felt longer than that! I’m still having those “Do I keep this blog thing or not?” feelings, yet I must admit, I do kinda miss updating when I’m away for that long!

As I’ve said before, I consider this blog as a diary of sorts for myself and I guess that’s why I’m not likely to stop posting (oh, lucky you! 🙂 For some reason, I feel the need to record this.

Some of you know, I returned to college about a year ago. Yup, at my ripe old age of…. never mind, you don’t need the details! I never finished my degree way back when and just decided it was time. I can honestly say, I’ve been really, really enjoying this experience! Well, until this semester that is…

Last semester, I took Algebra 1 and I was completely horrified at the prospect. I was very fortunate to have a wonderful “tutor” in one of the guys I work with and I managed to complete that course with an “A”. I was so, so excited and yes, I was even proud of myself! I was so looking forward to progressing straight into Algebra 2 this semester! “Woohoo”, I though, “I can do this!” Then, Week 1 quiz? An “F”. The instructor seemed to think us students should be able to complete 21 algebra questions in 35 minutes. I was upset, horrified and maybe even a bit angry. I had worked hard at it (got an “A” on the homework!) Though, I was also somewhat relieved when I learned that I was not alone in my failure. The other students did just as poorly.

Today was the last day to drop that class. Last Friday, I did the only thing I could think to do and I emailed the instructor from Algebra 1 to see if she planned to teach Algebra 2 at any time in the near future. Did y’all hear my excitement where you are when she replied that she’s teaching it in the spring?!?!?! Now, I don’t consider myself afraid of a challenge (after all, I’m enrolled in college, folks, at my age….!) but I’m “afraid” of this teacher. Though she’s making adjustments as she goes (which is scary in itself), I just feel she’s too unpredictable. Its her first time teaching an online course and, I’m sorry, but I’m just not willing to risk my GPA (an A!) while she figures it all out.

I was disappointed that I would be losing an entire semester but then looked into a second-half course and will be enrolling in that for February, then back to Algebra in April. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I’m again telling myself “I can DO this!” Life is good….

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