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Ugh and Phew

Okay, okay.  So the Pats didn’t whoop butt like I predicted on Sunday night but they should have.  Living with a non-Patriots fan has been difficult enough, so please go easy on me. 


Jury duty – yes, I made as far as being impaneled (I wonder if they call it that because it looks and sounds so much like impaled???).  Once you’re impaneled, the attorney’s have the opportunity to read your brief questionnaire and can remove anyone from the jury without explanation.  At this trial, there were three attorneys so the odds of this happening were increased.

After a brief review, the announcement came – “Juror #138, Seat 2, you’re dismissed!”  Yay, yay, and yay!  It took 54 potential jurors to fill this 13 person jury!  I was dismissed in round one.

Natural next step is for everyone that got dismissed to reminisce about why they think they were.  In this case, I think I have hubby to thank for that.  The case was a woman suing the 99 restaurant chain and their management company as she had fallen on ice in their parking lot.  I’m guessing that her attorney saw that Brian is a maintenance technician for the Wendy’s restaurant chain and figured it’d be too likely I would side with 99’s and their contractors instead of them.  (Honestly, I believe I could have been unbiased – he only works there, we don’t own them – but that’s okay).

Second reason to be relieved.  There was a second trial that they were pooling a jury for.  It was a murder trial.  I heard comments to the effect of “it’s going to last 3 weeks”, one of the victims, etc.  They called up 2 separate pools trying to fill that jury.  The first was number 1 through 135.  The second  was what remained of 140 – whatever.  Notice my comment above???  I was jury 138.  I was one of only 5 people that were left out of the possibility of being a juror on a murder trial.  I do not know why.  I do not care.


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Jury duty

Oh, lucky me.  I have jury duty on Monday.   I had to call after 3 p.m. today to see if it might have been cancelled but I, of course, knew better.  I swear I get called every 7 years, which is how long they have to wait before they can call you back.

I was surprised to hear that you can bring your laptop computer but someone just told me that if you get called you have to leave it somewhere.  That doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.  I think I’ll just bring a good book and try to make the best of what could be a very long, boring day.

Oh, well!  At least I have the weekend to look forward to.  And this does mean I can sleep in an extra hour after the Pats whoop butt Sunday night!

Yay!  GO PATS!!!

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Some good news!

Well, my brother and sister-in-law received the news last week that the foster boy that has been staying with them since July will be staying on and hopefully permanently.  The courts have decided to cut all parental rights to his birth parents. 

The parents can still file an appeal but as they have not been paying their court appointed lawyers as it is, I don’t know who they think would represent them in an appeal.  It’s sad really, but these folks have problems and would not admit to them and kept telling the courts that they were okay and were good parents but the courts did not go for it.  In the end, they lose.

My brother and SIL will surely move to adopt the boy so let’s keep all fingers and toes crossed.  We’re a bit nervous about what his (birth) parents might do if they know where he is at so I’ll be keeping communications on here quite limited around it.  I’d love to post a picture, cause he is a handsome guy!  I just don’t know if that would be safe/smart right now so I probably won’t!

It’s going to be a long road ahead for all involved so any happy vibes you can send their way would be greatly appreciated!

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Butt whoopin’

Yup!  That’s what this cold has done – it has whooped my butt!  It all started last Friday night when I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy head.  I spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday on the couch.  Dragged that whooped butt into work on Tuesday and Wednesday but just couldn’t do it yesterday!  Back to the office today and happy to report that, so far, I seem to be heading in the right direction.  Not 100% just yet but definitely feeling better.  From what I hear, I don’t even have the worst case of what’s going around (no headache, thank goodness!) so I guess I shouldn’t be complaining but…. oh, welll!  I am anyways!

If anyone else out there in this cyber world is feeling the pain, you have my sympathies!  And if you are and you’re reading this – GET OFF YOUR COMPUTER AND GO LAY DOWN AND TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

I’m looking forward to three more days of relaxation.  Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend, too!

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