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Halloween, Birthday and Anniversaries!

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Frosty, happy birthday to you!

Yes, it’s two years ago today that the hubby found the little man living in what was then a building under construction and brought him home to live the life of leisure. It doesn’t seem possible and he has not slowed down one bit. Although, he was “napping” when I left the house this morning but I think that’s just cause he wants to be well rested for his birthday party tonight! Brian’s lost it when it comes to this cat – he told anyone that would listen yesterday that we’d be having cake and ice cream for “Big Ears” this evening and that all were welcome!

Today, of course, is also Halloween! You may recall that when we first got Frosty, he wasn’t Frosty at all, but he was Casper. Being all white and being found on Halloween, at first we thought that appropriate. We actually didn’t have much time to come up with a name since I brought him to the vet to be checked out the first day we got him so we had to come up with something fast. After the vet vist (when we learned that no, we weren’t the proud parents of a baby girl, but that that little furball is actually a bouncing baby boy) we decided to go with Frosty. We find that even more fitting as the all white thing still works but also the fact that the aforementioned building under construction was a Wendy’s restaurant, it just seemed more appropriate!

This year also made me aware of how many personal anniversaries we have this time of year. Hubby was at his job 15 years about two weeks ago and I had my 5 year work anniversary last weekend. It was 25 years ago (yes, 25! Ouch!) this weekend that hubby and I met on a blind date (at a haunted house, no less – we figure we’re both still haunted and blind!). We’ll be celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary next week (yes, I am too young to be married for 18 years – he robbed the cradle 🙂

Yesterday, I got to experience some of the Halloween motorcycle run for the first time. This was not by choice. I just wanted to check out a couple of new stores in Revere and I timed it just wrong! I sat for about 45 minutes watching/hearing Harley after Harley after Harley pass by. I have never seen so many motorcycles in my life! It’s all for a good cause, though, so it was worth sitting through. Details are at

A happy and safe Halloween to all you ghosts and goblins!

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‘Cause I said I would….

Since I vowed to get better at this, here’s another update and less than two weeks after my last one!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t update frequently because there just isn’t enough time in my days! I think the blogs that I referred to in my previous post are both stay at home Mom’s. Before you attack, I know that stay at home Mom’s work VERY, VERY hard and I am not taking away from that. The thing is, though, that I don’t have a machine set up at home (because if I did, home would just become an extension of work and I don’t want that!) and my days in the office are usually too hectic to get here. But I will try…

Weather is the big topic around here today. It’s been pouring buckets all day and we continue to get a half and inch of water per hour and they predict this will continue through 5 p.m. tonight. We’ve also had sustained winds of about 35 mph with wind gusts up to 60 mph. Unfortunately, the main road that I take home tends to flood so I just may be swimming home this evening (and I’m not a good swimmer – send out the Coast Guard!).

Another thing I’ve been meaning to tell you about. A couple weeks back, I purchased a new vacuum cleaner for the house. It’s amazing how a new appliance can change the way you look at chores. You see, my new vacuum is bagless and it’s almost fun to vacuum now and see just how much “stuff” you actually pick up when you vacuum! Of course, having two cats in the house adds to the collection but it definitely doesn’t look like there’s that much “stuff” on your floors and carpets until you see it gathered in that little plastic tub! Of course, I like the vacuum all the more since the sign on the shelf said it was $169.99 but the cash register said it was $102.00. Shhhh… don’t tell anyone!

Okay, that’s good for today! Don’t want to share too much or I’ll have nothing to post next time (it’s an exciting life I lead!).

Stay afloat….

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I have several weblogs that I follow and I am always amazed at how some people update theirs everyday, sometimes with multiple updates. I vowed that I was going to be better about updating mine but here I am and, low and behold, it’s been over 3 weeks since I’ve been here. Gotta work on this!!!

Life in Curtin land has been hectic these past few months. I must say that I am plain sick and tired of hearing about men wandering. I’m sick and tired of hearing “but she’s more fun”. Well, guess what, YOUR wife is home raising YOUR kids. Or YOU’RE at work 18 hours a day cause you’ve got to have THE BEST of everything. You want fun? Hire a babysitter and take your WIFE away for a romantic weekend. Cut back on your hours here and there, come home with flowers for your WIFE and take her out for a romantic dinner. It’s a two way street, boys – USE IT! (Ah, I feel better getting that off my chest! And no worries, Brian and I are fine – this isn’t about us! 🙂

Work has been quite hectic as well. The boss is involved in so much these days and he has a lot of travel coming up which always makes my life crazy.

I’m currently working up the nerve to tell him that I’m looking to take yet another vacation first week in November. I still have two weeks coming to me and even though I can carry them over, hubby still has a week to use and if he doesn’t use it, he loses it. I’m going to look at a week where the boss is traveling and take as much of that week as possible. Anyone who knows said boss knows how the withdrawals tend to set in when I say I’m taking a vacation. Nice to be needed! 🙂

The house has also been quite hectic with the cats. For some reason, Sneakers (she’s 16) has taken to tinkling on the new carpet downstairs. In the summer, she spent much of her time outside as she does not like Frosty (but he LOVES her!) nor does she like the central air conditioning. Now that it’s raw and rainy, she wants to be in. So, we’ve rigged up a piece of plywood which we lean across the doorway so she can’t get downstairs. We have a litter box upstairs now, too (which is in the kitchen, which I don’t like but there’s really no choice – fortunately, hubbby is good about keeping it clean!). The plywood is set at an angle and we’ve trained Frosty on how to crawl between it and the wall so he’s perfectly happy. Sneakers is also perfectly happy with either a soft bed or couch to sleep on upstairs. I don’t think she’ll figure out the “tunnel” to get downstairs cause I think the only way she would would be if she were to watch Frosty and that’s not something I anticipate happening. She sees him and she heads in the other direction! No lovin’ there!

So, I guess that’s it. I suppose if I did do this more often, I wouldn’t have to ramble as I just did. I’m gonna work on that…

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