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So, we’ve remodeled an entire kitchen. I love, love, love every single thing about it. The counters, the appliances, the countertops, the floor. So why, oh why, am I having such a hard time with wallplates??? This should not be this difficult.

Originally, we just had the plain cheap-o plastic wallplates while we looked for something we really liked:

Then I ordered these:

Fortunately, I only ordered the three that we needed for the backsplash cause hubby says they’re too dark and he doesn’t like them. (I don’t completely disagree but I think they would’ve grown on me.)

So, then I found these:

This time, I only order one (this is getting expensive!) and we’ve decided we like them. Of course, now that we’ve selected something, I want them yesterday! What??? I’m having a cookout next weekend!

Oh, and did I mention that I can’t wait to be able to say “Yes! The kitchen is done!!!!!”

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Hey! Where ya been?!?!?!

Hey there! Long time, no see! Where ya been??? Oh?!?!?! Its not you that hasn’t been around??? Its’ me?!?!?! Oops! Sorry ’bout that!

I wish I could tell you I haven’t been posting because I’ve been away on some long, exotic vacation around the world, but that would be a lie. Its just that there hasn’t been a whole lot going on. Well, the kitchen is now 99.9% complete, except those darn electrical covers! Yes, I ordered them. Yes, they arrived. No, they haven’t been installed.

Apparently, our contractor didn’t “nitch” the wall tiles so the screws can fit in. Not a big deal. Just need a dremel to fix that problem. Got one? Nope! Can we borrow one? Yup! Did we? Yup! Did it come with the right size bit? Nope! Can we buy one? Yup! Did we? Yup! Are the wall plates installed? Nope! Is hubby sick now? Yup? Will the wall plates ever get installed? Damn it all, they better! Soon!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!

So, since the “Its done!!!!!!!” pictures aren’t quite ready, I thought I’d share a little itty bitty piece of the kitchen instead. I was scrolling through old photos the other day, when I came across this:

OMG!!!! Have you ever seen anything so funny looking?!?!?! That’s the old island and I never realized just how funny looking it was! The trash barrel used to be under that overhang and now I understand why my first comment to the cabinet guy was “The trash barrel must be hidden”.


Aaahhhh!!!! Much better!!!!! Its hard to tell from these pics but the new island is a bit bigger than the old one. Probably the best way to compare is to look at how it lines up with the windows in the back room. The new island is actually a few inches longer than the old one. The draw on the side there hides my trash which means the right hand door and draw on the front are actually fake! Yet, I still have as much, if not a little more, storage in the two remaining cabinets.

Love, love, love it!!!!

On a side note, it has to be a compliment when your contractor tells you he was so inspired that he went home and installed dark counter tops in his own kitchen!

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