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Archive for April, 2009

Genius Asian Egg Donor Needed – $35,000 compensation

Yes, that is for real. There is a full page add in our Institute’s newspaper and there is also a website with the specifics. Wow! If only I were 21, and a genius, and Asian, and….

Oh, well! Back to work I guess…

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The poor baby…

They came yesterday to start putting our new roof on. I’m told they made lots and lots and lots of noise. Needless to say, Shadow was nowhere to be found the entire time the roofers were there. Soon after they left and he decided it was safe to come out, he immediately ran downstairs and proceeded to… puke.

The poor baby!!!!!!

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TGIF, Joyce

Today is the first day of my “friend” Joyce’s new journey in life, as it is the last day on her job of ~15 years. I “met” Joyce through work – about six years ago – but since she works in a different state, we’ve never actually seen each other (which we’re hoping to maybe change now that she’ll have all this time on her hands!) but we’ve communicated through email and phone calls on a regular basis this whole time.

Joyce has been here for me when I’ve been laughing, crying, hurting, screaming, wondering “why?” and just about any other time I’ve needed a friend.

I wanted to do something for Joyce, but I couldn’t figure out what. I could wish her a “Happy Retirement”, though she’s not using that word with her husband (Ssshhhh!). I could wish her “Good Luck”, but luck has nothing to do with it – Joyce is one smart cracker and what she has she has earned. I could try “Good-bye” but that would stink. I don’t want to say good-bye to Joyce – I like her too much and besides, she promised she’s going to stay in touch!

So this is it! This is the best I could come up with, Joyce! This post is for you – I’m going to miss our near-daily “chats”. I’m going to miss opening my email and seeing your name pop up all the time. I hope that you enjoy this next phase of your life as much as you deserve!

Go ahead – enjoy!

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