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So, here you go…

I decided to take a few quick pictures of the bathroom color to see what my internet friends thought. When I loaded them onto my computer, I was horrified, but….

I don’t think the lighting is doing it any justice. This one isn’t quite so scary:

What I was most looking forward to was how it was going to look against the green in the hallway:

Needless to say, the jury in my mind is still out on this one. I think part of the problem is that its not available in the eggshell finish, only satin, so I think its “shinier” than I’m used to. Right now, the lights are just bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling so that will, obviously, make a difference when we hang actual lights, too.

At this point, we’re going for it, though! We’re going to do the second coat, re-install those new medicine cabinets, get the new lights in place and put the doors back on.

I’m thinking I’m going to like it. I’m hoping I’m going to love it.

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Progress (I think)

So, the walls for the bathroom have been rebuilt to accommodate the new cabinets. Hubby is in the process of painting the room and I just CAN NOT make up my mind if I’m pleased with the color or not. One minute, I like it. The next? I’m all “Uhmmmm…” Oi. I hate this stuff.

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So the medicine cabinets that we ordered for the bathroom that were going to take two weeks to get here have arrived – a few weeks late, but they’ve arrived!

The ones that were in the bathroom were ugly, ugly, ugly (yes, those lights are gone, too!):

I’m very excited about getting these because we’ve sort of put the bathroom project on hold waiting. I was anxious to see how they would match the vanity that’s already there:

We really like the vanity and this was only supposed to be a “quickie” until we gut the entire bathroom someday but we were having a really hard time finding inexpensive medicine cabinets that would match AND fit. In fact, all the “warehouse box stores” only carry a natural-looking wood, black and white so we ended up ordering these through a kitchen and bath store which, needless to say, cost us a small fortune.

We’re actually changing the bathroom so there will only be two mirrors – our contractor comes tomorrow. Needless to say, this “quickie” is going to be there a lot longer than originally planned but I’m excited!!!!!

I’ll post after pics when all is said and done!

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