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Archive for April, 2008

New photos

I finally found some time to post pictures of the new bedroom set.

Here’s our bed:


Its a king size and it is amazing! No more elbows!

Brian’s dresser is awesome:

brian bed

Probably my favorite piece!

Here’s my dresser:

Mary bed

Notice that the curtains on the windows look slightly different. When I hung them, I wasn’t sure if I liked the “scarves” (right window) but since decided that I did – it dresses it up a little. I must admit, though, that getting the scarves to hang correctly was very, very frustrating. I have vowed to strangle anyone (human or animal) that messes them up. They look really good but I don’t think I’d buy that style again.

Frosty likes the the bed, too:

frosty bed

I don’t know if you can tell from the photos but the walls are a light blue, the comforter set is a combination of light blue and gray and the curtains are gray. I don’t know what put that color combination into my mind but there it was and I’m really happy with the outcome. Now I just need to decorate!

You may recall that this bedroom set was made locally. I purchased it from a small, family owned business not too far from where we live. I would strongly recommend this furniture manufacturer as well as the store that we purchased the set from so if anyone’s looking for furniture and wants a tip, just let me know.

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What do they do when we’re not here?

I’ve been home sick all week with a stomach bug (I won’t bore you with the gruesome details but I can say I’m on the mend).

All week long, my boys (you know, the cats) have been getting into anything and everything you can possibly imagine. It only leaves me to wonder – what do they do when we’re not here? I don’t think I want to know.

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Duck, duck, goose

Look what I (well, okay, Frosty) found hanging out in my front yard this morning:


I’m told that the duck on the sidewalk is a male. Squatting in the background by the bushes, is a female (which can’t be seen in this photo). I’m wondering (hoping?!?!?!) that maybe there are eggs involved and maybe we’ll have baby ducks soon.

Hubby is supposed to rake out the lawn when he gets home today and I have given him strict instructions to be very careful around this area, just in case!

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Seven weeks…

…until vacation. But who’s counting???

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The furniture is coming! The furniture is coming!

I’m just a little excited. Can you tell???

We had been looking for a new bedroom set and had driven far and wide to all these furniture stores spread out across the state. We didn’t find anything that we liked. We visited a small, family owned furniture store in an old warehouse just a few towns away and found a set that we just fell in love with! Doesn’t it figure?

When we ordered it, they told us 6-8 weeks which was fine cause we had to finish the room anyway. 3-1/2 weeks later, we got the call that the furniture was in. We still were not ready but now we are and it is being delivered on Saturday. Woohoo!

(I won’t mention that I’m pretty sure the knobs are going to be the wrong color because I try to be optimistic but I’m pretty sure the knobs are going to be the wrong color! Its a long story but time will tell!)

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