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Gorgeous, continued…

I’m not sure how I failed to miss these in my last post! It scares me to realize that there’s a whole ‘nother generation taking shape in my in-laws family.

These two little ones are our niece’s little girls:

They are just theeee sweetest little things! The baby does not crawl, but instead, scoots on her butt wherever she wants to go (she got this from her mother!) So, her papa and godfather (the groom) decided to get right down there with her and see how they could do:

That picture is worth clicking on, you can almost “see” her making herself move!

See that good lookin’ dude in the middle there??? That would be those girls big brother (and our great-nephew, right?!?!?) Handsome guy, isn’t he?!?!?! The other two are our nephews.

Then, there’s this beautiful baby girl who is brought to you straight from our nephew in Las Vegas:

Uhm, yeah… her eyes really are that blue. I’ve never seen anything like it! Please, lock her up NOW and throw away the key!

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We attended our niece’s wedding the weekend before last. It was a wonderful time. Would you please look at how positively gorgeous she is???

I don’t want to take away from that beautiful bride, but d@mn, the centerpieces deserve a shout out, too!

The person with the closest birthday got to take one home. That wasn’t me but luck was on my side as it was my nephew’s girlfriend’s birthday, and since they were flying home the next morning, it didn’t make any sense for her to take them so she let me!!!!! Look at the size of that thing:

Can you say gorgeous???

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