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Archive for March, 2005

Daddy’s little helper

Oh, he’s lucky he’s so cute!!! Brian is in the process of painting the ceiling in our hallway/living room/dining room. The house is a split entry so he needs a ladder to reach above the front stairs. One day last weekend, he was standing on the upstairs landing and looked left only to see Frosty about 3 rungs from the top of the ladder – eye to eye with him!!!

Okay, cute! But then…

Sneakers decided to run down the stairs and Frosty decided to chase her. Well, on his way down, he ran through the paint tray with ALL FOUR PAWS!!! Down the stairs he goes and across the nearly brand new, dark green carpet!!!

Of course, Brian ran after him but didn’t want to scare him too much for fear he’d continue to run. He stopped under the pool table so Brian scooped him up and brought him up to the sink. Now, of course, I was on the couch so had NO idea how much paint he’d gotten into so I proceeded to bath him while Brian frantically worked on the carpet downstairs! White paint/white cat – a little difficult to say where the paint was! Needless to say, he looked like a drowned rat by the time I was done with him! Amazingly, though, he didn’t even struggle under the water (well, maybe a little after awhile but no scratches/bite marks on me!!!!).

This all comes with a happy ending, though, the cat is still white, as is the ceilings and fortunately, the carpet is still green!!!

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