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Archive for November, 2010

Oh, Christmas tree!

I was chatting with my niece yesterday when she asked “So, are you getting a Christmas tree this year???” I looked at her puzzled – like “of course we’re getting a Christmas tree!” – when she suggested that we did not get a tree last year. I was puzzled. Confused, really. “We didn’t get a Christmas tree last year!?!?!?!” “No. I remember we were picking on you for it!” Well, I thought, she’s younger than I am and surely has a better memory than I.

So, what do I do??? I go back on my blog to see if I posted about my Christmas tree last year and what did I find??? A post on December 22nd is what I find. A post titled “Before and After” talking about how we’d finally finished our living room. No pictures of a tree. No mention of a tree. So, I guess that makes her right. No tree. How sad is that (that we didn’t get a tree, not that I have no memory left!?!?!

So yes, this year we will have a Christmas tree. Cause I’m not starting the gutting of the kitchen until after the holidays.

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So, what d’ya think?

We changed the color of our shutters from a light blue to “Georgetown Blue”. I didn’t want to keep the door the same color and didn’t want to use burgundy cause it seems everyone paints their door burgundy. So, I decided on “Georgian Brick”.

So… what d’ya think????

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