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Archive for April, 2007


Yes, I’ve done that long enough. My friends at Harvard informed me last week that the server my blog was on was going away and if I wanted to continue my blog, I would have to migrate to the new server.

If there’s ever a way to get me motivated, it’s by telling me that something I’ve had for longer than I can even imagine is going to go away unless I focus and take care of the deed at hand. So I did.

Here I am. I feel like I’m starting over (which I am). My friend Molly assures me that things are going to be okay. I’ll be okay. It will be fun. I believe her.

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Maybe it’s time…

I see where the comments have disappeared from my blog again.  I’m actually pleasantly surprised that I am able to post at all.

I really don’t want to bother the folks over the river about “fixing” things again.

I just might take Stacy’s advise and start a new blog.  Then, I could also take Molly’s advise and link my new blog address here and link my old blog address there.  These are two smart gals so I’m pretty sure that taking their advise will be a smart thing.

Yeah, I think I will.  Just as soon as I find the time…

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