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Archive for January, 2005

Does anyone know a cat psychologist?

Okay, Brian and I are now becoming concerned that there is some serious psychological problem hidden deep inside of Frosty’s brain! 🙂

Yesterday, we had a man at the house measuring two rooms for carpet. He showed up around 4:00 and wasn’t there much more than 10 minutes. However, when I got home (around 4:30), Frosty was plastered in one spot in one of the rooms staring around the room as though he’d just seen a ghost! I picked him up to be sure he was okay and he just kept looking ’round and ’round. When I put him down again, I noticed that his tail was about twice as “fluffy” as it usually is! He spent almost the rest of the evening “creeping” around the house where is normally “trotting/running” much like a horse!

It was VERY strange to say the least. He did, though, seem to get better as the night went on. And as I type, I’m asking myself “Okay, so you got a night without the maniac terrorizing the house (and his sister!) and your complaining????”

Anyway, Dad’s stopping by later today to drop off some stuff for me for my recovery from the surgery (next Tuesday, yeah!) so we’ll find out if he is just suddenly freaked out by strangers or if there was just something about this man that he DID NOT like!!!!

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