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We spent the weekend re-edging the yard, which was destroyed when the septic system was replaced. We then spread the four yards of mulch.

I don’t even want to think about how sore my muscles would be if I didn’t go to the gym!

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New yard stuff

Hubby tells me that if I keep buying yard decorations, we’re going to have to put an addition on our shed in order to store it all over the winter! I can’t help it, though. I think I enjoy decorating outside more than I do in!!!!

I picked up this bird house at a craft fair last November and placed it underneath our deck, by the patio, where it would be covered, in hopes that it wouldn’t weather:

“What an adorable decoration!”, I thought. Only, the birds didn’t see it as just some “adorable decoration”:

Look closely (or click the photo to enlarge) – can you see the nesting in there???

Now, how does one NOT continue “decorating” their yard with all the feathered little friends we’ve made since moving in?!?!?!

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Then and now

On Saturday, we celebrated my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary (their anniversary is actually in September but I won’t bore you with the details here on why we celebrated now!)

I got some funny looks while taking pictures of their wedding album, but I have plans, people. Plans!

Okay, the plans aren’t that big. I bought them a 50th anniversary photo frame/album and was thinking that a picture from their wedding 50 years ago might make a nice cover.

And here they are today:

Still together and still smiling even!

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